Hire a Data Analyst

You have the data, but need someone to transform it into actionable insights.
We'll recruit an Analytics and Reporting Specialist who will manage this for you.

Data Specialists Uncover All Insights

You have multiple data sources and analytics tools to manage. Let's find an Analytics and Reporting Specialist who can expertly handle them all.

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Data Analyst Tasks


You need a high level overview of your data. Your analyst can build and maintain your dashboards on any tool.

Data Enrichment / CRM

Everyone wants clean data in their CRM, but no one has it. Get an analyst to keep your CRM nice and tidy.


Your CAC, CVR, CPL, AOV all tell a story. But putting it together takes time. Let your analyst do that.

Research Analyst

Need someone to review transaction data or research new projects? A great analyst will do this for you.

Analytics & Reporting
Marketing Generalist
Paid Ads
SEO Manager
Video Editor
Email Marketing
Graphic Designer

Jason Lalk

CEO | Remote Growth Partners

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