The Recruiting Standard for Offshore Talent

We figure out exactly who you need to hire.
Build you a custom interview process.
We review, interview, and test 1,000+ candidates per role.
You get the perfect hire and save $40K or more.

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Social Proof

Don't listen to us. Listen to our customers.

Name of a company called Yellowbrick, along with it's logo in yellow.

“The best money our marketing team has spent this year was hiring Anne through RGP.

She’s saved us tremendous amounts of time.

She also takes care of everything that wasn’t getting done before, but we should have been doing.

With Anne, I just focus on the work that needs to get done. ”

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David Aronica

Logo of a company named VaynerX.

"Remote Growth Partners has been the biggest key to our agency’s growth this year. They helped us 3X our number of clients.

As a a team of 2, we couldn’t take on too many clients. Now, we have 7 RGPs that have taken over the execution and delivery work. This allows our core team to focus on client strategy and sales.

We’re planning to use RGP to help us grow even more in 2024."

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Nik Bando
Vayner X

logo of a company called Pivotnorth

“It feels so good to have your team getting all this work done! I can focus on the strategy work for my other clients.

#1 in sales against some pretty major brands... and we've sustained that over 7 weeks. Pretty exciting!"

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Gail Kurpgeweit
Pivot North

Logo of a company named PureWow, in black.

“Things are going very well with our RGP. He has a good cadence in terms of his output, and our senior BE developer, has nothing but good things to say about him.

He works hard, works well, and is easy to get along with."

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Chris Wichtendahl

Common Problems We Solve

Here's why customers use RGP


RGP Helps

Not enough budget for US hire?

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Save $40-$60K per hire with offshore talent.

Not enough time to deal with 1,000 candidates?

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We handle the full recruitment and interview process.

Don’t want to commit to long-term employee or contract?

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Month to month commitment so you can build a flexible team.

Firing underperforming employees or contractors?

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We’ll replace your RGP for free. Or you can just cancel.

Freelancers and fractional help is slow to respond?

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Our talent is full-time embedded on your team. This is their full-time job. They’re on email, Slack, project management tools, etc.

How We Make You Successful

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Who Do You Need?

Together, we scope out the work and decide on the experience you need.

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We Find Your Person

We recruit an RGP that fits your needs, working hours, and budget. They even go through your own custom interview process.

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Let's Go!

We kick things off with you, your RGP, and your Account Manager. We facilitate onboarding as well.

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Forever Support

Our dedicated account management team helps you manage your RGP, even after onboarding.

Types of roles we can add to your team

RGP places most roles that fit under marketing teams or marketing agencies. If you don't see the role you need, just ask and we'll let you know if we can help.

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Digital Marketing

• Social Media Marketing
• SEO, Reporting, Analytics
• Graphic Design

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Website Development

• Shopify & Ecommerce
• Webflow & Wordpress
• Fullstack, Backend, Frontend

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Video Editing

• YouTube, TikTok, Instagram
• B-roll, Captions, Music, SFX
• Project Management

A square icon representing Paid Advertising.

Paid Advertising

• Google, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
• Reporting, Analytics, ROAS
• Campaign Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Remote Growth Partner (RGP)?

An RGP is a dedicated, full time employee for your team, that is managed by us and on our payroll. They speak fluent English and are typically college educated. Each RGP is specifically recruited for your needs and is managed by your dedicated Account Manager.

What time zone and hours does my RGP work?

Each RGP works the hours that are requested by their client. We vet their availability during our recruiting process.

Does my RGP work for other clients?

RGPs only work for the one client they have been specifically recruited to support. They’re full time for you only.

What tasks can RGP support?

We cover most modern marketing and creative tasks. While we can help a little with strategy, we're best at execution. If you're looking for a different kind of support, let us know and we'll give you an honest answer about our ability to help.

Why don’t I just hire my own overseas talent?

You could, but it takes a lot of work – like the same amount of work it takes to hire a full time person on your team. In our experience, it often goes poorly unless you have experience hiring overseas talent.You need to set up the right recruiting pipelines and have proper compliance in each country you hire from. We take care of all of this for you.

How do I communicate with my RGP?

Email, Slack, WhatsApp...whatever your preference. RGPs are flexible to communicate through whatever channels work best for you.

Ready to get your time back?

Not sure if you need RGP? Comparing us to another vendor?
We're not the right fit for everyone, but reach out and we'll give you the truth.

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