How RGP Works

Build Your Team

This Process Has Hired
Thousands of People

1. Scope out the role together

Together, we scope out the work and decide on the experience you need.

2. Recruitment

We run the entire recruitment and interview process for you. Save your team from the countless hours of interviews and scheduling.

3. Forever Support

Our dedicated account management team helps you manage your RGP, even after onboarding.

4. Custom 4-Step Interview Process

The process:
1. Video Screen
2. First Exercise (30-60 mins)
3. In-depth Video Interview
4. Final Exercise (2-3 hours)

Each exercise is designed just for your role. We try to test the tasks they'll be doing on a day to day basis.

5. Onboarding

Once we've found your person, we coordinate the entire onboarding process. We get them into email, Slack, and any other tools you're using. We want you to feel like they are an integrated part of the team.

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Build Your Team